Faxing API for integration and new services implementation

To start work with API the only thing is needed - create a developer account for free and instantly then get access to our SDKs, samples and documentation.

  • Not needed to buy and setup complex hardware
  • Not needed to setup software
  • Not needed to have phone lines
  • Not needed to pay during implementation and tests

Via our API you are able to create faxes and add documents, manage recipients and cover pages, check delivery status and faxing history(in- and outbound), manage address book and numbers history, buy credit and FaxIn numbers (Learn more about FaxIn numbers) as well as all functions and features you can see and use at our site.

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Our faxing API is available for many platforms

We have created many usage samples for different platforms as well as SDK packages to make our customers able to start and finish their products as fast as possible.

  • PHP with/out namespace

  • Ruby

  • Java

  • Python

  • Bash cURL

  • C# Windows XP/7

  • C# Windows 8

In addition to existing packages we are working on Wordpress and Drupal CMS modules, C++ SDK for MS Windows and Objective C SDK for Mac.

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Advantages and abilities

Doesn't require installation

API was created especially for fast and easy start from the box - unpack and execute, without any additional setup and configuration

Non-stop updated

We continuosly work on adding new functions to API and making it faster and better. All updates and fixes are free for developers.

Support 24/7

We dont keep our customers face-to-face with problems without help at least for a minute. All developers have almost immediate support.

Easy exchange format

All requests to API goest as HTTP POST and responses returns in XML or JSON format, depends on exact session settings.

Full data protection

All data exchange between API client and server is protected by HTTPS connection to ensure the necessary security level

Multilevel security

Besides HTTPS protection our API has 3 additional security levels which ensures full data protection from hackers

Free testing

During product implementation and testing our customers are free of charge - all reoutines related to payments are virtual.

Full monitoring

Our API gives our customers opportunity to monitor their services work at development and real work stages.

Pre-start validation

We check and validate all customer services before enable them to work with real faxes delivery and receiving.


By using our API you can add ability to send, receive and manage faxes to your existing product or solution.

New solutions

With our API you can create brand new document-processing and faxing services or significantly extend existing ones.

Especially for you

We also offer custom development in area of internet faxing and document processing based on our API and cloud services.

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