Our cloud fax service available on all popular platforms and devices

Fax machine is no longer needed - the only thing you need is Internet access, even mobile is enough. All the rest your computer, smartphone or tablet connected to our service will do. It is even possible without installing any tools on your device - just open site and fax from there.

Handy site

Urgently need to send a fax or check inbound ones on the way, on another's computer, at internet-cafe - no problem. Handy and full-functional site is at your service.

Clear applications

Use fax pretty often and want to have eveything at hand on your desktop, smartphone or tablet display? Native applciations for all popular platforms are at your service.

Completely secure

No matter what do you use - our site or native applications - all your data is located at our protected cloud storage and nobody except you can get access to you documents and faxes.

Special offer !

In addition to applications created by PamFax team in Germany, byFax team glad to offer you own nice and Windows XP/7/8 applciation to work in our fax network.

  • Account registration
  • Edit user profile
  • Address book and history
  • Multilingual (22 languages)
  • Native fax sending
  • Easy file Drag-n-drop
  • Paste from clipboard
  • Handy dialpad

We have tried to make this application as close as possible to an ornidal fax-machine to avoid our customers looking for "big green button" to send a fax. And key thing - this application installer weights less than a diskette!

What do we offer else

Cloud internet fax byFax powered by PamFax offers wide range of functions and abilities, despite the simplicity of the service itself.

Delivery all over the world

We deliver faxes to fax-machines in fixed, mobile and service, even to satellite networks all over the world

FaxIn number to receive faxes

We offer virtual FaxIn number to be able to receive faxes, unfortunately available not in all countries (Learn more).

Any files accepted

We can process more than 100 the most known and popular file formats - text, images, PDF, MS and OpenOffice documents

Online storages

Besides local files from your computer we can take files from online storages such as GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc

Setup everything

You can you setup almost everything in our system - timezone, display language, prices currency, fax header and many others.

Grow and extend

We dont freeze at the same place - our service grows and extends non-stop - we work on new functions, new applications, etc